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‘Take your wedding photography seriously ?’

Here are few more ‘popular couples wedding images’
Serenaded whilst photographing… PRICELESS

Telling the story of your wedding day from start to finish makes all the difference visually when designing your ‘unique wedding album’ and helps your designated designer at Andy Oliver Studio record your day completely in one beautifully hand crafted album. This set of images of Lee and the boys just before they started getting ready really helped set the mood and the pace of the whole day and tied in really well with pictures we got later in the day. Does it matter and is it worth booking and paying for a ‘professional wedding photographer’ to record your day? some people would say no…. all I want are a few pictures at the church, to others their wedding day is the most important day of their lives and take the role of photography very seriously.

The boys prepare to prepare..

Lets face it professional ‘wedding photography prices’ by pros that ‘know their craft’ aren’t cheep, people with camera are, why is there such a vast price difference between photographers? this could be one reason.. ‘their not photographers’, don’t be fooled, quite often they are wanting the images for a portfolio or just to make a few quid on the side, I don’t condemn people at all who want to learn a new craft and join the photography fraternity but is it really worth letting them practice on you?

The type of album supplied to a client can be at the very core of the price they charge as well as the fact that many hours are spent on the whole project, both Jenni and me calculated the we spend around 70 hrs on each wedding, from initial consultation – pre wed shoot – wedding photography – viewings – editing – album design ……etc

Did Lee really need a drink this early in the morning..?

Sorry for the slight rant above only we recently had a lovely lady in to the studio in a bit of a state with her self because a friend of a friend of a friend had done her wedding photography and lets just say they hadn’t turned out quite as she was expecting. We decided on this occasion to try and help her out.

Ria and her unique head-dress

Ria had spent a lot of time choosing her unique head-dress, so I only thought it apt to squeeze it into as many closeups as possible.

Just a few minutes to get post prep shots

How to photograph a wedding in the rain….. take a brollie.

Wedding photography in Newark Notts

Choose a ‘wedding photographer’ with experience.

Van Dykes in the rain

Live Music Management band photo shoot

The boys of Nat King Bing and the Kings of Shwing

Call in to any late night live music venue on a weekend and mid week come to think of it or attend a friends wedding celebration and the chances that you have danced the night away to a band supplied by LMMuk (Live Music Management) one of the UK’s largest wedding band supplier are to say the least very high. Andy Oliver Photography have recently been commissioned to photograph and supply promotional imagery for their latest addition – NAT KING BING AND THE KINGS OF SHWING – these guys really are amazing (want something absolutely unique??) for your wedding or event then I can without doubt recommend these boys, they cover modern day songs but in the style of jazz, this may sound a strange combination but let me assure you it really does work a treat and apart from that they are a great set of lads.


Here are a couple more images from the shoot and as you can see in this section I used a vibrant backdrop (the sky) lighting the subjects with my Profoto strobes, we were on an industrial estate that had lots of old rusty machinery stood around so I had plenty of scope to vary the look of the images and a kind business owner allowed me to power my 12oow lights from his workshop, the shot in the field was taken on the way back, I noticed the great colours and contrast between blue sky and yellow rape seed thinking it summed up perfectly what the guys were all about.

Please do remember if you are looking for a wedding band or event entertainment of any sort including DJ’s give Gary a call at the LMM office and have a chat with him regarding your requirements, I am sure he will be able to help, or call in to the office for a chat face to face:

LMMuk’s office address is:

Live Music Management
unit 4 Canalot studios
222 Kensal road
W10 5BN
T: 0845 4900515
O and check out Nat King Bings video on you tube   

Snow over Newark Castle

Best take my wellies and wrap up warm

After only being based in Newark less than a year we have had Blazing hot sun, torrential rain (and flooding) and foot deep snow, a rare opportunity to photograph the Castle as it is rarely seen. I had picked up on this view of the castle whilst out walking on morning liking how the arch of the bridge framed the castle and the walkway draws you into the picture, with the added advantage of snow which bounced the light evenly lighting everything around and helping out with brightening up the archway of the bridge this was the perfect time to nip out with my camera and tripod. With a huge print from our new large format Epson printer and laminator you feel almost as if you can walk into the picture.

Newark Castle Fireworks

Sometimes its better to wait for the perfect moment

This is the first installment of our – images of Newark collection – taken a few months ago, the lighting was perfect but we had to wait over an hr to get this shot, it was worth it though as the firework company  had back lit the window openings with colour changing lights, red was in order, I wanted the castle to look as if it was on fire  so a little bit of lady luck and a keen trigger finger was necessary to capture this image just as I imagined it, fungi on the river added to the overall feel and the wind direction had to be taken into consideration – I didn’t want to be beneath the smoke because it would have blown out the sky when the rockets went off. This shot was captured with a Canon 1Ds Mark2 – 16mm – ISO800 – 0.6sec, and takes pride of place in our studio which is on the Wharf just the other side of the bridge.


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