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Newark Castle Fireworks

Sometimes its better to wait for the perfect moment

This is the first installment of our – images of Newark collection – taken a few months ago, the lighting was perfect but we had to wait over an hr to get this shot, it was worth it though as the firework company  had back lit the window openings with colour changing lights, red was in order, I wanted the castle to look as if it was on fire  so a little bit of lady luck and a keen trigger finger was necessary to capture this image just as I imagined it, fungi on the river added to the overall feel and the wind direction had to be taken into consideration – I didn’t want to be beneath the smoke because it would have blown out the sky when the rockets went off. This shot was captured with a Canon 1Ds Mark2 – 16mm – ISO800 – 0.6sec, and takes pride of place in our studio which is on the Wharf just the other side of the bridge.


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