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Big Day Entertainment print & design project

Photography - print & design by Andy Oliver photography

Choosing your wedding day disco is as important as choosing your wedding day photographer and can add the fines to your perfectly planned day, choosing a photographer – print & design team to help market your business is also as important. Andy Oliver Photography now offer the whole service under one roof and were recently asked by Big Day Entertainment to produce a marketing campaign to coincide with the launch of their new website which was undertaken by the more than capable hands of Bubble Marketing. It wasn’t hard to capture the energy of the room at one of BDE’s events and we were soon on our way to shift through the images we had got. Paul – one member of our design team was given the task to produce the visuals for BDE’s poster campaign to the specific criteria given to us – clean – classy and simple to read to fit in with, and appeal with their target market leaving them hungry for more information.

The key image used in the logo and poster campaign was also used in the production of a large 3 x 2 meter vail that would form a punchy eye catching backdrop to BDE’s  disco setup and help potential clients identify a brand image with a professional disco company, you can glance at an image for a few seconds and immediately know who you are dealing with. Andy Oliver Photography and Print now supply pop up banners and all large format products in house using the latest large format print technology and our 54″ jetmounter, this means we have absolute full control over how an end product will look whilst cutting out the middle man and passing the savings on to our clients. This whole service is not as expensive as you you may think and is essential in todays over crowded markets.

We look forward to progressing with BDE’s marketing – print – design and photography and wish them all the best with their new campaign.

Big Day Entertainment

T: 07973123301




Surprise – Bill Hodgson birthday bash with special guest….

Reportage almost all the way

The astonishment you feel when something totally unexpected happens to you just can not be put into words, but it can be put into pictures. Andy Oliver Photography has recently been commissioned to capture those moments in Doncaster for Bill Hodgsons milestone birthday celebration – it was reportage almost all the way and just cements to me the importance of good photography to look back on in years to come. For all you football fanatics Ron Flowers former england player (also of Wolverhampton wanderers fame) to name but a few caps he holds attended Bill bash. Ron won 49 caps for England and scored 10 goals. His international debut came on 15 May 1955 in a 0–1 friendly defeat to France. He went on to appear in the 1962 World Cup and scored two goals from the penalty spot in the group stage, Ron was also in the squad that won the world cup in 1966.

Great night and a smashing family.

Alex & Zoe – Pre wedding shoot

Alex and Zoe quickly get into the swing of things

It is always a good idea to book your pre wedding photo shoot as early as possible, this gives both the couple and photographer time to really get to know each other and work together so that on the wedding day everyone is comfortable and feels confident, this really does make the world of difference and shows through on the photograph. We had a great afternoon and a few of the elements to play around with (Sun & wind), a great combination that could help produce some stunning shots. We started in the studio, this helped my timing a lot as I no where the sun will be in different areas around my home town of Newark ( it always helps to do your homework ) and helped Alex and Zoe chill about the whole concept of being photographed by a professional out side, with people milling around.

It’s great when I get chance to be a little bit creative – I never miss an opportunity to play around with a bit of controlled lens flare, notice also how by turning my subjects with there backs to the sun it eliminates any dark shadows around the eyes and beneath the nose and creates a bright ring of light around Alex’s head, separating him more from the background and a ring of light that follows the contour of Zoe’s face.

Time to change location now that the sun has moved on.

Creating an (Alone moment)

Hard to believe that there were people playing around near by – well done guys.

On our way back to the studio all finished (well almost)

I never stop looking for an opportunity to produce a different image so we made our way back to the studio via an ally way.

And when feet get TIRED........

CWE Solutions supply AOP

The Epson 9890 arrives at Andy Oliver Photography

Having researched printing equipment for what has seemed a life time now was the right time for us to invest and we finally decided on which brand we would use and after visiting this years Focus exhibition at the NEC Birmingham we settled on a company that we had confidence could deliver not only the products we had decided on but also the training – expertise – back up – and after sales we expected. CWE Solutions were our choice and they delivered all of the above and more, from initial meet and greet with Robin at the NEC to product demos at their Sheffield offices and delivery to our riverside studio in Newark where engineer Duncan completed the install without a hitch (and as a bonus he was treated to a hand-made sandwich for lunch) “nice”, see it wasn’t all about finding a company that offered us the world for half the price but more about GUT FEELING and confidence, this always is the path both Jenni and me take when making a major purchase or dealing with suppliers and it hasn’t let us down yet.

CWE Solutions also supplied AOP with our JM54 SHA JetMounter, all we needed to complete our arsenal and simply the perfect combination, it is engineered to deliver a combination of performance and value unequalled in the industry, the popular JetMounterTM54SHA 54 inch (1375mm) electric laminator now includes two new features. The new Single Height Adjustment (SHA) allows the roller nip to be set more quickly, ensuring consistent roller pressure from side to side. A new LCD pressure gauge readout provides this versatile machine with far more process control than other laminators in its category.

Thanks again to the team at CWE Solutions



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